Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our weekend

What a great weekend. We stayed pretty busy. We were lucky to go to The Lagoon with Jared, Cynthia and their girls. It was funny hearing some of the funny ones Jared pulled on Hunter and Brayden.
We also went for a great drive to Snow Basin Ski Resort. We road the gondolas to the top where we ate some yummy food for brunch. The highlight of my day was the sweet gift shop. I found 2 of the cutest coats ever and they were both 1/2 off. I love a good deal... Kade was so cute to buy me a treat that day. I am counting down the days until winter.

The Cuteness

That is the name of our new bird... The Cuteness. Once again Hunter found an animal in need. He brought him home and begged to keep it until we found his owner. It's been two weeks and no one has claimed him yet. We made posters but they were "conveniently" never posted. For a short period of time he was complaining about the clean-up. So I made him this goofy sign