Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Newport Beach, California

We've been looking forward to trip to California with my family. We go almost every year but it never gets old, or boring. My parents try so hard to have things planned ahead so we all have a great time together. No matter how hard they try it usually is still a little chaotic. I am amazed how patient they are... Can you imagine hauling around 18 adults & 23 kids and keep things in order. I am so grateful my parents love us enough to sacrifice their lives and sanity on out behalf.

more picts from our trip

We had so much fun in California. Almost everyone was there. We missed Denny, he stayed back to study for the Bar exam. I heard it's pretty tough and I'm sure he's overwhelmed. But I know Denny, he'll get through it and do great. Nichole and the kids were there. It was great spending the time with them we did. I love being around my sisters and sisters in law. They are wonderful moms and they are such good examples to me. I'm so grateful for them. We also missed Sutton, Kimmy, & Drummer. I know they'll feel better once he's home from the hospital. They have a new house & Kim has it looking so cute.
Oh, and of course we miss Justin. August 23 and he's home from Alaska. We can't wait to see him.

Summer vacation in Newport Beach July 18, 2008