Friday, August 22, 2008

Our "surprise trip" to the Oregon coast

I was in the Salt Lake airport returning from Arizona thinking Kade would be there to pick me up. Instead, this time he told me to hang tough... He was coming but with Gordon and Debbie. We were jumping on a plane & heading for the Oregon Coast followed by a road trip to Seattle. I was a wee bit surprised. Gordon and Debbie were tons of fun and we had a blast. We visited Astoria, Oregon, then Mt. Vernon, then on to Seattle. One of my favorite stops was on Sunday at Orcas Island. We took a ferry to get there. It was a beautiful place. We got home Monday after a fun afternoon on the Seattle pier. We had the best clam chowder(2nd I mean, My dad's is better) and fish & chips. We are already planning our next adventure with the Boothe's.

Sutton and Kimmy

august 12, 2008 Today I got to spend a little time with Kimmy and Sutton. Sutton is still in the hospital, but he's doing good. He is such a beautiful baby and Kim is such an amazing mom. She loves that little guy so much. I'm sure she's anxious to get him home.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hunter and Brayden's first elk, sorta!

August 1, 2008 This happened to be the first hunt that Hunter & Brayden have been on. They went with Kade's brother Jared. The day they were supposed to be going they couldn't stop talking about it. I thought it would freak them out. It sure did not as you can see. I asked them the best part about it. Apparently the elk didn't die after being shot, so Jared had to cut it's throat. Gag! The elk still got up & was ready to take off. Jared cut it's throat again. Gag! Again that didn't work. So Jared asked the boys, "Do you want to see me tackle that elk?" Of course they said yes. That's when Jared rolled up his sleeves and dived in and quickly put it to the ground. That was their favorite part. Mine of course was going to Jared & Cynthia's home to find the boys cleaning elk off the driveway. By the way, That was not my favorite part. My favorite part was seeing how happy Hunter & Brayden were that night. they had a great experience.

My blog specialist

As you can see I'm terribly behind on my blog. But I'd also have really awful backgrounds if it wasn't for my blog specialist Melinda! So I just want to thank her so much for making my blog so darn cute. She's the one that got me started, and she's the one that won't let me quit, darn it. So thanks again Melinda. I love you!
P.s. That little guy she's holding is her new baby Mason. He's so adorable. We haven't yet met him, and we can't wait.