Thursday, October 9, 2008

Introducing... Mr. & Mrs. Kade Clinger

Hi all its Melinda I promised DeAnn while she was on her honeymoon I would do a little blog updating...

Here are some fun pics from the night before and the wedding... DeAnn looked beautiful and the whole affair went off with out a hitch! The girl knows how to throw a party!
DeAnn at dinner the night before with her new nephew Mason and her darling girls Brit and Hayley
Lisa, DeAnn, and Melinda cheesing out at one in the morning!
Lisa's camera priviledges have been suspended for a while... all the pics have her looking great dead center!

Lisa and DeAnn how cute are they!
This was the first pic of the happy couple on the their wedding day, they were running late and totally unwilling to pose!
Kade's Grandma Ladean caught the first throw of the bouquet (she gave it back), then Brinley caught the second throw (DeAnn decided there was an age limit and took the bouquet back for another toss) On the third throw everyone dodged the bouquet!
And they rode off into the sunset...

DeAnn should have the professional pics soon and I am sure she will have her blog flooded with them in no time!